a mood board | april edition | simply love

a mood board | april edition

hello! hope your week went well. we have been busy getting things back in place from the beach + photo taking + shipping for my business. we toured parks' new school (for next fall) yesterday and went to a toddler playdate today. i am in love. can you even imagine our boy with a little backpack. he will be going two mornings a week and it is just such a cute school.  what i love most: the teachers are so friendly (and seem so wonderful), it is christian-based, and we really wanted parks around diverse peers. the toddlers today were so cute interacting and crafting. this weekend is our only 'free' weekend until memorial day so we plan to soak up some family time. we are traveling a lot in may and have fun events coming up. 

what about you? what are your weekend plans?

i am also sharing my mood board for this month... all the things i am adoring.

april mood board

april mood board by janelle-monaco 
you can click on the link above for info on each piece

simply loving:

this song has been on repeat
{my baby boy's first art project. he really loved creating art this morning- made momma happy}

what do you love most? 


  1. Ahh Parks' first artwork. I love the basket with handles in your mood board. I want to buy a few more baskets to hold blankets and linens.

    1. I actually thought of you when I was writing this (one I tagged your friend's song!!) I LOVE that basket! I am also loving ones with poms/tassels (hoping to do a basket DIY soon as well!) Have a great weekend, love. xo

  2. Oh I've never heard of mood boards. Do you do this every month? Sounds like a cool idea! Loving the cactus and the overalls :)

    1. Hi! I started doing them at the beginning of the year but have in the past as well... I love making them so I am hoping to do them monthly (if not more!) Thank you so much!! Loving overalls, too! Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for the love. xo


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