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when God made you | a book review

YOU, you… God thinks about you.
God was thinking of you long before your debut.
when God made you by matthew paul turner is the ideal book for any young child... it encompasses everything i love in a children's book. the love of God, embracing your true self + unique traits, vibrant colors, and the importance of dreaming. 

from early on, children are looking to discover their place in the world and longing to understand how their personalities, traits, and talents fit in. the assurance that they are deeply loved and a unique creation in our big universe is certain to help them spread their wings and fly. 
through playful, charming rhyme and vivid, fantastical illustrations, When God Made You inspires young readers to learn about their own special gifts and how they fit into God’s divine plan as they grow, explore, and begin to create for themselves. 
‘Cause when God made YOU, somehow God knew
That the world needed someone exactly like you!
parks loves this book... it's so beautiful (the illustrations-by david catrow- are gorgeous!) 
-reading with james the goose-

a mood board | march

one of the additions i made to this space this year was to create more mood boards. today, i am sharing my board for the month of march... all of the things that are currently inspiring me. i hope to do this at least once a month... to show a visual representation of what i am dreaming about. 

simply loving | blush, pleats, gold, plants, florals, ruffles, marble 
{instagram} some of the best times of my life so far (the most special) were those months after finding out that the baby inside of me was a little boy. we would go on dates together to local thrift stores; as i searched for tiny treasures for his room. his room is pretty simple- but it's my favorite room in the house. and i think he loves it.

a march mood board:
march mood board

march mood board by janelle-monaco 

hope you were inspired in some way! 
what would your mood board look like this month?
ps: my dear friend, chelsea, wrote about my shop + a giveaway yesterday on her blog
go check it out: the girl who loved to write
i adore her

life lately

happy spring, lovely readers. i hope you are enjoying the weather. the carolina blue skies are as pretty as ever. life has been a complete marathon lately- but in a pretty great way. i have missed you all though and plan to be on here a lot more. you all bring so much joy to be life and i am thankful. so many exciting things are coming soon to this space. stay tuned and i hope you have all been well 
life lately: 

+ north carolina is simply beautiful... i know i have mentioned this several times before... but it really is. we have been enjoying walks and trips to the park. last night we took a family walk around the fourth ward in uptown charlotte, which is full of old victorian homes. the blooms everywhere are so breath-taking in charlotte. 
+ parks is now walking (more than crawling) and is just so much fun. he just started say, 'uh uh ohhh' yesterday morning and most of the time, he is both funny and sweet. the boy has a sense of humor (which i love and we laugh together all day) ... yet he is so tender. 
+ i have been loving musical group, the head and the heart, a lot lately. we went to their concert with really good friends last weekend and i love them even more now. 
+ i love my new job (so much.) but i am working (almost) every hour of the day. again, it's so worth it. however, this week we are traveling to alabama for my cousin's wedding and then parks and i are going to ohio to my hometown/my parent's house for a week. i have so many 'me' books packed and am excited to see loved ones, blog, take in the serenity of 'life in the country.' plus, my mom is always the best help with the baby ... i can't wait. i really feel like i need this right now. 
+ i have been working on balance still and hope to write an update soon
+ there are so many new things that i am loving... planning to share those as well soon (so many blog ideas... so little time! ... but again, hoping to dedicate more time very soon) 
florals ... i am obsessed. 
mommy + me bomber jackets (i didn't buy these... but how cute are they?) 
saturday, my husband had a 'man day' with his friends and i worked/played with my boy.
so yesterday afternoon i took some 'me time' for a few hours.  i decided to do a kid's consignment shop (the best!!... i got such cute things for $40 total. i mean, a huge bag + three new pairs of shoes- including a pair of black converse that look like new) then i grabbed a coffee at barnes and noble and browsed the books and just sat there and read (glorious) ... followed by some mingling around the gap. ps: more on that cute cognac tote shown soon but it's the best. the #bossbag by bella tunno
a photo from our walk + trip to the park last night 
parks loves, loves his jellycat animals (i have been browsing options for the easter bunny to maybe bring!) this bear is a favorite... he loves to hug, squeal with excitement, kiss, and push him around on chairs
-a quiet moment on saturday afternoon-
also, i have been leaning towards more of a plant-based diet lately
any great blogs + books you love?

...what about you...

what have you been up to lately?

cur8 || a curated style collection


let's go back to last year at this time... back when i was dreaming about starting my journey with this company and launching my very own business, i discovered this (the most inspirational- truly.) sisterhood + event on facebook. it is called cur8 || a curated style collection. i was- head over heels- in love. each of the eight women contributing to the collections/pop-up ignited something inside of me that told me... 'do this!' and i did. when times have been hard (it's been a rollercoaster since october) i have thought about this very event and these women + business owners. they showcase this company in a way that i both believe in and in a way that i adore.  

a few weeks ago, priscilla (the artistic mastermind and incredibly talented creator) sent me an invite to 'join the hood. you all... tears. i was in complete disbelief... with so much excitement in my soul. being asked to join this sisterhood is one of my greatest honors of my life so far. 
join us this sunday, march 12, for the curated collection, showcasing these fabulous clothes. 
... i am 'the natural fit' 
thank you. from the bottom of my heart.
together, we celebrate the beauty of this brand that connects us.
we look forward to showing you LuLaRoe through our eyes.
8 of lularoe's most artistic stylists, elevating the way you see lularoe.
{ 8 stylists - 8 styles - 8 sizes - 8 hours }

here are some style/visions:
"We are all creative, just in different ways. the way you dress shows your individual vision of yourself. LLR is the perfect brand to help you elevate your creativity. Many of these pieces can be worn in more ways than one. If you don't know how, just ask one of us. Or try out your imagination for size because your mind is for sure the one thing that's always the perfect fit.
how beautiful is this mustard lace lindsay!
this lola skirt + these heels are perfection. 

style |
"We believe it's time to change the way you see LLR. Don't disregard "old" patterns for the latest ones. Style is style. And there is no expiration date."

home inspirations | modern wallpaper

when i was young, i can remember going to the home decor store in a neighboring town while my mom searched through albums and albums of wallpaper. i loved to do the same... i can still remember the smell and textures.  i used to pretend i had a house of my own... as i would pick out the perfect paper for each room. i remember having a hard time picking if there were multiple color schemes, too. anyone else? lately, i have been dreaming about adding some to our home in the future. how sweet are the birds + clouds from little crown interiors above? have you put wallpaper up in your home? is it worth the hassle? i am the type of person who will go without sleep (even happily) to make a project work + get things done- if i am excited about the outcome. any advice is much appreciated. astleigh and pete hill of hill collection recently did their new foyer and it's gorgeous- go check it out. 

here are some of my very favorite looks |
how gorg. the black + white + chair + basket
i think this is my favorite for a baby + kids room 
(might just need to make this happen at some point!!)
plant love... and i am loving it.